Hydrogen Sulfide Detectors - H2S Gas

The use of a hydrogen sulfide detector makes it possible to monitor the presence of this gas and to protect people and installations from H2S hazards. Hydrogen sulfide - CAS 7783-06-4 – is an extremely flammable and toxic gas that can cause many health effects as well as lethal paralysis of the respiratory system. H2S gas is commonly found in the energy industries: mining, coal, oil (refining, desulphurization, drilling), gas (natural gas) and geothermal. Hydrogen sulfide detectors are also found in waste water and organic matter treatment activities (rendering, storage, slurry transport) because H2S is a product of protein decomposition (excrements, gases, anaerobic digestion). In order to adapt to as many applications as possible, our selection of hydrogen sulfide detectors comes in different types of devices: disposable H2S monitors, single gas, multi gas, ATEX certified, portable or fixed devices with different measuring ranges.

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