Carbon dioxide detectors - CO2 gas

Carbon dioxide detectors monitor the presence of this gas in the air to prevent CO2 hazards. Devices dedicated to this task are fixed or portable single gas or multi gas CO2 detectors that will monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide through their electrochemical sensors. CO2 gas - CAS: 124-38-9 - is naturally present in the atmosphere, it is used in agriculture (aquarium and greenhouse crops), in the food industry (MAP packaging, soft drinks, extraction agent), in drinking water treatment, in wineries and breweries (used for preservation and also produced by fermentation) and in firefighting. Carbon dioxide is very dangerous to humans because of its asphyxiating properties; indeed, it is heavier than air and replaces oxygen in certain spaces. Undetectable by humans, CO2 can only be measured by carbon dioxide detectors that will monitor concentrations in toxicity by %vol. Our selection of CO2 detectors presents various fixed and portable monitoring devices with various characteristics (ATEX certification, gas sampling pump, displays, audible, visual and vibrating alarms, etc.) to adapt to all applications.

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