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The CO2 traffic light makes it possible to measure the carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in the ambient air and to represent it clearly using the three colors of the traffic light: green (ambient air OK), yellow (ventilation recommended ), red (ventilation required), flashing red (unhealthy air).

This CO2 concentration signaling column is ideal for all rooms in which people are present, such as buildings open to the public, schools, universities, restaurants, shops or even open spaces. Detailed description

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Why use a CO2 light column CO2

A high CO2 concentration in a poorly ventilated room can indicate a significant aerosols presence in the air and therefore an increased risk of contamination by droplets in suspension. The french high council for public health indicates that "the continuous measurement of the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air using sensors, the cost of which is not excessive, makes it possible to judge the air quality renewal".

The CO2 safety light is clear and visible to everyone in the room. Thanks to its high brightness, the color change is visible even in direct sunlight. The CO2 concentration in ambient air is measured every 4 seconds by an infrared sensor.

Thanks to the Plug & Play function, this CO2 concentration indicator light column can be installed quickly and easily and is immediately ready for use. The power supply is provided by the supplied power unit (230 V) with a 1.5 meter cable.

The CO2 light column can cover the equivalent of a classroom. For larger rooms such as gymnasiums or warehouses, 2 to 4 safety lights will be installed depending on the geometry of the room. In continuous use, the CO2 light column automatically calibrates every 24 hours.

Carbon dioxide hazards (CO2)

Carbon dioxide is an odorless and colorless gas. The main danger of this gas are its asphyxiating properties. Heavier than air, it replaces oxygen in confined or poorly ventilated spaces, accentuating this gas' danger.

Outdoors, the CO2 concentration is around 400 ppm. In a closed environment, the amount of CO2 increases significantly due to the exhaled air from occupants of a room. From 2000 ppm CO2 in ambient air, there is an increased heart rate, concentration difficulty and headaches onset.

CO2 safety light technical specifications

  • Light column (green / yellow / red) with integrated CO2 concentration measurement
  • Sensor: Infrared
  • Calibration: precalibrated and ready to use
  • Light source: LED
  • Installation: < 2 meters from the ground (away from windows)
  • 4 alert levels:
    - Green : < 1000 ppm, ambiant air ok
    - Yellow: between 1000 and 2000 ppm, ventilation recommended
    - Red: between 2000 and 3000 ppm, ventilation required
    - Flashing red: > 3000 ppm, ventilation required immediately.
  • Power supply: 230 V power supply unit with 1.5 meter cable
  • Consumption: 40 mA
  • Materials : PA / PC / PC ABS
  • Setup: placed on a table or on the floor
  • Bracket mounting: optional (reference 975 883 41) less than 2 meters from the ground.
  • Protection ingress: IP20 protection class 2
  • Operating temperature: between 10 and 35 ° C
  • Height: 28.7 cm - Diameter: 7 cm

See the CO2 detection light video presentation


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