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Airtec tubes allow you to quickly and easily measure breathing air quality in compressed air cylinders of self-contained breathing apparatuses, air supply systems and scuba diving tanks. It is a simple, economical system and very easy to implement!

To comply with the EN1202 standard, it is necessary to control the compressed air quality by measuring CO (carbon monoxide), CO2 (carbon dioxide), O2 (oxygen) concentrations, humidity and oil vapors. Detailed description

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Breathable air quality from compressed air cylinders analysis

When using self-contained breathing apparatus, air supplying systems of compressed air cylinders for diving, it is essential to particularly take care about the breathed air quality. Contaminants that penetrate compressors or that could be generated could be dangerous for user health and its breathing equipment.

Airtec tubes from Gastec enable anyone to simply, swiftly and quantitatively monitor compressed breathable air quality. The Airtec tube is very easy to use and is an accurate gas detection method for carbon oxides (CO and CO2), nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2), water vapors and oil vapors.

The EN12021 standard

The EN12021 standard defines requirements on compressed breathing air quality:

  • O2 content (oxygen) = 21% ± 1%
  • CO (carbon monoxide) <5 ppm
  • CO2 content (carbon dioxide) <500 ppm
  • Dew point <-11 ° C
  • There should be no significant smell or taste
  • Oil content <0.5 ppm (if a synthetic lubricant is used for compression see legal exposure limits).

Airtec tubes for monitoring compressed air cylinders

In order to use the vapor direct reading Airtec tube,the user just needs to connect the pressure reducer to a high pressure air supply, a compressor or a cylinder and then adjust flowmeter to required flow. The measurement is instantly performed and user just have to read value indicated on the colorimetric gas detection tube.

Two different ways of using colorimetric gas detection tubes from Airtec range are available to monitor compressed air cylinders quality:

The STD-300 standard kit

The STD-300 standard kit includes a flow regulator with manometer and a tube holder. This unit requires a measurement for each gas to detect. This solution is ideal if only one or two gases need to be detected.

The AIR-QUAL kit

The AIR-QUAL kit is composed by a Pelican case with flow regulator, manometer, temperature and hygrometry controller and 5 locations to simultaneously measure 5 gases (provided with 5 tubes 2AG, 1A, 109AD, A and 6AG). Through experience, breathable air monitoring and analysis is faster, easier and more convenient with the AIR-QUAL kit.

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