Sulfur dioxide detector - SO2 gas

A sulfur dioxide detector measures the presence of this gas using an electrochemical sensor or via an optical analysis system. Our selection of SO2 monitors presents a large range of single gas, multi gas, portable devices or fixed transmitters with different characteristics to adapt to each situation. You can buy a disposable sulfur dioxide detector, an up to 7 gases multi gas detector, an SO2 and VOC detector, an ATEX certified device, as well as a monitor with a gas sampling pump.

Toxic and corrosive, sulfur dioxide - CAS 7446-09-5 - is used in the synthesis of chemicals (including sulfuric acid), disinfection, metal refining, and in the food and paper industries (bleaching agent). SO2 contributing to air pollution is also emitted by volcanoes, as well as coal and oil combustion. From 1 ppm exposure to this gas can have dangerous health effects: breathing difficulties, eyes and bronchi irritation. The use of a SO2 meter also makes it possible to monitor accidents risk: this gas is not flammable however its reaction to other substances can ignite fire or explosion.

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