Formaldehyde Detector - CH2O gas

Formaldehyde detector measure the presence of this VOC in ambient air and alert when concentrations become dangerous. Formaldehyde or methanal - CH2O - is a volatile organic compound used in many fields: the chemical industry, the paper industry, the textile industry, food cleaners, detergents, glues, resins, varnishes, insecticides, antibacterial agents, electronic components. It is one of the most used organic compounds. In addition to its production and its human emission, CH2O gas - CAS 50-00-0 - can also be emitted naturally by oxidation of other VOCs, by combustion of plants and by other organisms (algae, bacteria, etc.).

Formaldehyde is corrosive, toxic, flammable and considered to be carcinogenic and genotoxic. Exposure to this VOC can cause severe intoxication and is likely to cause an explosion between 7 and 73% vol. at 25 ° C. The use of formaldehyde detector, fixed or portable, to control the toxicity and explosiveness of this VOC is therefore necessary for many activities.

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