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Formaldehyde (CH2O) fixed gas detector - B12

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B12 series CH2O fixed gas detector is a 2-wire transmitter designed to accurately detect formaldehyde – also known as formol or methanal. Highly resistant to corrosion and humid environments, B12 formaldehyde detector is available with or without local display.

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Formaldehyde, formol or methanal (CH2O) detection

Formaldehydeas well as benzene and carbon dioxide – is the purpose of a very strict regulation regargind allowed concentrations in public access buildings (PAB). This colorless gas features a suffocating smell, is soluble into water and has been classified since 2015 as a proven carcinogenic agent.

Particularly well-suited for detecting formaldehyde (CH2O) – also known as formol or methanal - B12 fixed gas detecor features a 4-20 mA linear ouput with more or less 5% accuracy and an optional digital display. Its enclosure is made of polystyrene, making this fixed gas detector waterproof and corrosion-resistant.

B12 formaldehyde detector assets

  • 2-wire analog transmitter with 4-20 mA linear output
  • Optional measure display
  • Pre-calibrated sensor resistant to corrosion and humidity
  • Fast response time with good measure repeatability (± 1% of range)
  • Minimal maintenance, once a year

B12 formaldehyde detector technical specifications

  • Gas detector: formaldehyde (CH2O) also called formol, methanal or methyl aldehyde
  • Low consumption: 2-wire transmitter
  • Accuracy : ± 5% of the value (subject to calibration gas used to calibrate)
  • Repeatability: ± 1% of measuring range
  • Output: 4-20mA 2-wire
  • Power supply: 12-28 Vdc
  • Charging resistance: 675 ohms maximum under 24VDC
  • Enclosure: NEMA 4X polystyrene, optional LCD display
  • Settings: through potentiometer (zero and sensitivity) fixed on the electronic board
  • Operating temperature: from 0 to +50°C
  • Sensor material: Noryl

CH2O gas transmitter major applications

  • Chemistry and petrochemistry, hydrocarbons, solvents, alcohol
  • Indoor air quality monitoring in PAB (public access buildings)
  • Houses, paints, varnish, insulation plates, wood treatment…
  • Agri-food industry, food refinement, conservatives
  • And even for tobacco smoke...



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