Ethylene Oxide Detector - C2H4O gas

Ethylene oxide detectors are used in many industries that use this gas to protect workers and production infrastructures. C2H4O gas is mainly used for its sterilizing and fungicide properties, particularly in chemistry (as an input in the production of organic products), in pharmaceuticals, as a sterilizing agent for medical equipment, and in the food industry.

It is a colorless, sweet-smelling gas, flammable, toxic and carcinogenic. Exposure to this gas can have dangerous health effects: irritation of the skin, eyes and lungs, pulmonary edema, convulsions, comma, gene mutations, nervous system and neurological damage that can lead to death.

Find in this space our selection of ethylene oxide detectors : Dräger or Gastec colorimetric reagent tubes , ETO portable detector like the Pac8000-OV or the Portasens III or C2H4O fixed gas detectors like the Midas or the 3000 Series.

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