Carbon Monoxide Detector - CO Gas

Probably the best-known gas detector, a carbon monoxide detector measures the presence of this gas in ambient air. Carbon monoxide - CAS 630-08-0 - is an extremely flammable and toxic gas. Explosive at 0.8% volume, CO gas is especially dangerous because of its toxic properties. Inhaling this gas reduces the amount of oxygen carried by the blood stream, preventing proper operation of vital organs and nervous system. Each year in France there are nearly 100 deaths due to CO and 3500 cases of carbon monoxide poisoning.

CO concentrations monitoring is therefore carried out on the toxicity scale in ppm. CO gas is emitted by incomplete combustion of carbon compounds (fuels, wood, etc.) as a result it is found in a multitude of applications, industries and everyday activities (heating, exhaust gas, fire, waste treatment, etc.). Our selection of carbon monoxide detectors presents different types of devices: the PPE portable single gas or multi gas CO monitor, the fixed NO detector and the area gas monitor.

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