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Area gas monitor rental: weekly or monthly rental for the Radius BZ1 multi gas area monitor with LENS Wireless network which can detect up to 7 gases: Cl2COH2H2SHCNNO2NH3O2SO2VOC (volatile organic compounds) and combustible gases (any flammable gas). Detailed description


Area gas monitor rental

The LENS™ Wireless technology is a new way to manage safety. Thanks to this technology, when an area gas monitor or a wireless gas detector triggers its alarm following a gas hazard, a « man in distress » signal or a panic situation, every connected unit will be instantly aware of the hazard.

Available from stock in almost any configurations and deliverable within 24 to 48 hours, Radius® BZ1 multigas area monitor can be rent weekly or monthly according to specific user needs. They are delivered fully charged, calibrated and Wireless configured.

Radius® BZ1 area gas monitor main assets

  • Can detect up to 7 gases among following sensors: Cl2, CO, H2, H2S, HCN, NO2, NH3,O2, SO2, VOC (volatile organic compounds) and combustible gases (any flammable gas)
  • LENS™ Wireless communication (optional)
  • Very large battery operating up to 7 days (168 hours) depending on the configuration
  • External power supply with intrinsic safety to extend battery operating life up to one month 
  • 108 dB at 1 m audible alarm with ultra-bright blue and red lights according to alarms
  • Large LCD display with clear and accurate readings
  • Customizable action messages like “EVACUATE” or “VENTILATE”

 Radius® BZ1 multigas area monitor gases and measuring range




Measuring range




0 – 500 ppm

1 ppm



0 – 100 ppm

0.1 ppm

Volatile organic compounds (PID)


0 – 2,000 ppm

0.1 ppm

Hydrogen cyanide


0 – 30 ppm

0.1 ppm

Nitrogen dioxide


0 – 150 ppm

0.1 ppm

Sulfur dioxide


0 – 150 ppm

0.1 ppm



0 – 2,000 ppm

1 ppm

Hydrogen sulphide


0 – 500 ppm

0.1 ppm

Combustible gases


0 – 100% LEL


Carbon monoxide


0 – 1,500 ppm

1 ppm

Carbon monoxide (CO high)


0 – 9,999 ppm

1 ppm

Carbon monoxide (CO compensated)

CO / H2N

0 – 1,000 ppm

1 ppm

Carbon monoxide / Hydrogen sulphide (2 gas combined sensor)

CO / H2S

0 – 1,500 ppm

0 – 500 ppm

1 ppm

0.1 ppm



0 – 30% vol.

0.1% vol.


Radius® BZ1 area gas monitor technical specifications

  • Detected gases : Cl2, CO, H2, H2S, HCN, NO2, NH3, O2, SO2, VOC and combustible gases 
  • Display: 2 cm monochrome backlit graphical liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • Power source and runtime: rechargeable NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) battery pack
  • Runtime: 7 days (168 hours) typical at 20 ºC, without pump, with wireless
  • Alarms: redundant 108 dB at 1m audible alarm, redundant LEDs (red and blue) visual alarm

Data log: At least 3 months at 10-second intervals

  • Dimensions: 29 x 29 x 55 cm / Weight:5 kg (16,5 lb)
  • Ingress protection: IP66
  • Pump: Optional integral pump, up to 30.48 m sample draw
  • ATEX certification: Ex da ia IIC T4 Ga, Equipment Group and Category II 1G

LENS Wireless communication

The wireless communication between devices enables portable gas detectors and area gas monitors to pool their measures and alarms in case of gas hazard. This way, everyone using a wireless device is instantly alerted and the decision chain is reduced for faster and safer interventions in case of severe hazard.   

Learn more about LENS™ Wireless technology

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