Styrene Detectors - C8H8 Gas

Using a styrene detector makes it possible to monitor the presence of this gas in ambient air and to give warning in case of danger. These devices can be fixed, portable, single gas or multi gas C8H8 detectors. These monitors use photoionization sensors concentrations measurements. Styrene - CAS: 100-42-5- is a flammable, toxic and carcinogenic volatile organic compound used in many industries (petrochemicals, electronics, laboratories, metallurgy, perfumes). It is a very dangerous substance for humans, it is harmful by inhalation and it can cause eyes and skin irritation. C8H8 is flammable between 0.9% and 6.8% volume and styrene vapors may form explosive mixtures. Even if is gas is explosive an combustible monitor is not relevant for this extremely toxic gas. It recommended to use a styrene detection device in PPM to monitor toxicity levels.

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