Phosphine Detector - PH3 Gas

A phosphine detector (PH3 detector) is used to measure concentrations of this gas in the air and to trigger an alert when the level becomes dangerous. Also known as phosphorus trihydride, phosphine is mainly used in fumigation activities thanks to its biocidal properties, required for international transport.

Phosphine is a colorless, extremely toxic gas, identifiable by its fishy odor. It is also very explosive and can ignite spontaneously in the air. LEL measurement will not be used for this very dangerous gas, it is necessary to be equipped with a PH3 detector in ppm or even in ppb to measure its toxicity.

Find in this space our selection of portable PH3 detectors such as the Dräger Pac 8000 or the Industrial Scientific Gasbadge Pro as well as our fixed phosphine detectors such as the ATI B12 or the Honeywell SPM FLEX. For specific measurements, our wide range of colorimetric reagent tubes can be used.

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