TR 2002 CL2 RD DIN40 class 2 full face mask

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The TR 2002 CL2 is a full class 2 respiratory protection mask with a 40mm thread front connector EN148-1 compliant, compatible with all RD DIN40 filter cartridges on the market. Composed of a polycarbonate (PC) lens with a large visual field and a 5-point harness for good fixation, it combines respiratory protection and comfort.

Covering the eyes, nose, mouth and chin and designed to offer respiratory protection adapted to the used filter type, the TR 2002 CL2 is suitable for all environments combining respiratory and eye protection. Detailed description

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A cost-efficient, high-performance full face mask

The TR 2002 CL2 is a very economical full face mask with an excellent quality / price ratio, particularly suitable for the chemical, pharmaceutical, agro-food, automotive (industrial painting), gas industries, water and phytosanitary treatment, etc.

Like all air purifying respirators (masks, half-masks, PAPR devices), they can only be used in the presence of a sufficient oxygen level, over 19%.

Comfort of use and safety

  • A rim with wide edges ensuring comfort and waterproofness
  • Great ease of use even for long periods without risk of fatigue or stress for the user
  • Excellent hold on the face thanks to an anatomical chin bar
  • The harness with five attachment points, is flexible and adjustable, it has buckles with instant attachment, making the mask easy to put on and take off.
  • PVC shoulder strap (neck strap) for transporting the mask during breaks.

Technical specifications of the TR 2002 mask

  • Compact shape mask reducing bulk.
  • Standard thread connection Rd 40x1 / 7" EN 148-1 compliant.
  • Polycarbonate (PC) eyepiece with large field of view
  • TPE outer skirt with ergonomic double sealing lip and bellows.
  • Inner half-mask in TPE provided with 2 valves for better air circulation which prevents fogging.
  • Connection group including, in a single housing, the expiratory diaphragm, the sound capsule and the inspiration valve.
  • Weight: approx 580 grams.
  • Tested and approved according to the EN 136: 1998 Class 2 and
  • conforms to directive 89/686 / cee (PPE) standards.

Universal filters - RD 40mm EN148-1

The EN148-1 light and efficient Spasciani filters have RD40 connectors (standardized DIN 40mm thread). They are compatible with EN148-1 standardized half-masks and full-face masks (all brands).

Because of their universality, there is a very wide range of filter cartridges, ranging from a simple P3 filter (solid particles and aerosols) to ABEK2Hg-P3 filters (maximum chemical risk).

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