Hydrogen detector - H2 gas

An hydrogen detector makes it possible to measure H2 concentrations in ambient air and to control the induced explosion risk. Hydrogen in its gaseous form - CAS 1333-74-0 - is used in various fields of activity: chemical and petrochemical industries (manufacture of ammonia and hydrochloric acid) , welding, mining industry, fuels, scientific research or as a food additive (E949).

The most common use of the hydrogen detector is as a fixed explosive detector for monitoring charging rooms of electric trucks (hydrogen release during battery charge). For some more specific applications such as fuel cells, it is best to use a much finer measurement in ppm.

Find in this space our selection of portable H2 detectors such as the GasBadge Pro (in toxicity) from Industrial Scientific or the Xam 2500 (in explosiveness) from Dräger and our hydrogen fixed detectors like the Oldham OLCT 100 available with the 2 measurement versions (ppm or% LEL).

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