Ethylene Detector - C2H4 gas

An ethylene detector (C2H4 monitor) is used to control and measure concentrations of this gas in ambient air. Also known as ethene, ethylene is a gas found in various industries such as plastics synthesis, climacteric plant development and fruit ripening, or the refrigeration industry.

It is a highly flammable volatile organic compound (explosive limits 2.70% - 36%)able to generate harmful effects on health during strong exposure (irritation of the respiratory tract, dizziness, etc.) hence the need to use an ethylene detector to precisely monitor the concentration of this gas.

Find here our selection of portable C2H4 detectors such as the Pac8000-OV or X-am 8000 from Dräger as well as our fixed ethylene detectors such as the XDI-PID or OLCT100 by Oldham. For specific measurements, our wide range of colorimetric reagent tubes can be used.

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