Nitrogen Dioxide Detector - NO2 gas

A nitrogen dioxide detector is used to monitor the concentration level of this gas in ambient air and trigger an alarm when it becomes dangerous. NO2 gas - CAS 10102-44-0 - is a very toxic, corrosive and oxidizing gas. It is used in a multitude of industries as an oxidizing agent, launderer, catalyst, oxidizer or inhibitor. Nitrogen dioxide is also emitted by many activities (industry, fossil fuel combustion, waste treatment, heating, fermentation), it plays its part in air quality deterioration and contributes to the acid rain phenomenon.

Nitrogen dioxide exposure can be very dangerous: skin and eyes irritation, breathing difficulties and pulmonary edema may occur up to 48 hours after exposure. Our selection presents different types of NO2 detectors: fixed detectors, area gas monitors, portable single and multi gas devices for monitoring, transmitting and recording concentrations measurements.

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