Acetylene detector - C2H2 gas

An acetylene detector is used to measure the concentrations of this gas in terms of toxicity (ppm) or explosivity (% LEL) , depending on the needs of the application for which it is used. Also known as ethyne, acetylene - CAS 74-86-2 - is a highly flammable and corrosive gas that can cause explosions and fire. C2H2 is used in welding for oxy-combustion work, in the glass industry (mould coating), and in the chemical industry.

In addition to explosion and combustion hazards, this gas also has effects on health: C2H2 is an asphyxiating and anesthetic gas. Acetylene exposure causes breathing and heart rate disorders, dizziness, nausea, and can lead to death by anoxia. Our acetylene monitor selection includes C2H2 toxicity monitoring devices (in ppm) as well as portable multigas and stationary combustible gas detectors (in % LEL).

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