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Digital breathalyzers

Digital breathalyzers can precisely measure blood alcool levels.Used primarily by law enforcement officers around the world, these easy to use devices are reliable for alcohol level measurements.

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Blood alcohol concentration measurements

Not to be confused with a blood alcohol test that, as its name implies, measures the blood alcohol concentration (BAC), a breathalyzer test measures the breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) through expired air. Known as a chemical test (the “bag”) or as a digital device, this tool is very often used by the police and law enforcement officers for alcohol testing during road safety and prevention actions.

The use of a digital breathalyzer is simple: the person has to blow in a mouthpiece until the device beeps, then the device provides the breath alcohol concentration result almost instantly in milligrams per liter of expired air.

Blood alcohol concentrations allowed for driving or other activities vary from country to country. For example in France the maximum blood alcohol concentration allowed for driving is 0.5 grams per liter, which equals 0.25 milligrams per liter of expired air. For young drivers (less than 2 years with a driving license) the limit is at 0.10 milligrams per liter of expired air.

NF & EU certified breathalyzers

Used by law enforcement for blood alcohol testing at the wheel, professionnal digital breathalyzers are also used in various fields because these devices give very precise breath alcohol concentration.

Our device selection includes European and French norms compliant devices. The certification of these measurement devices is first of all a quality assurance, and it also makes the tests done by these devices compliant. As a result an NF/EU certified breathalyzer will be adapted to the regulation on the French and European union territories for example.

Maintenance and calibration

Just like any measurement device, a digital breathalyzer needs proper maintenance and calibration. The calibration of digital breathalyzers allows good measurements of breath alcohol concentrations. At the same time the maintenance of the devices contributes to the proper operation and precision of these alcohol concentration testing devices. SafetyGas offers a large range of calibration gas cylinders for calibration and bump tests of your equipment.