SCOTT PRO2 bayonet filters for Profile2, Profile60 & Promask2 respirators

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Although the SCOTT range of twin-cartridge masks has been discontinued, SCOTT Pro2 filters are still available for sale. They are compatible with Profile2 or Profile60 half masks, as well as Promask2 full masks.

These specific bayonet gas mask filters for Scott (now 3M) half-masks and twin-cartridge respirators are EN certified, marked “R” (reusable), CE and connect using a bayonet mechanism. Detailed description

SCOTT Pro2 filters

SCOTT Pro2 bayonet filters are only compatible with the Profile2, Profile60 half-masks as well as the Aviva2 and Promask2 full face masks.

  • Each filter has a unique protective cover, with grids positioned at the rear, which optimizes service life by protecting the filter holder from splashes, sparks and contaminants.
  • Particle and combined filters use a microfiber “paper” support and do not use electrostatic filtering.
  • Pro2 filters are compliant with the latest EN standards, marked "R" (reusable), CE and are connected using a bayonet mechanism.
  • CE certifications: EN143, EN14387.

Pro2 gas mask filters storage and maintenance

  • Filters are placed in airtight plastic bags by the manufacturer.
  • Store new filters in a clean place at constant temperature (preferably 0 ... + 30 ° C and relative humidity below 75%).
  • The expiration date (month and year) is indicated on the filter label.
  • Do not attempt to regenerate the filters. Never clean the filters with compressed air or water.
  • Filters have a special waste status. They should be disposed of in compliance with the waste treatment regulations.

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