Reactor filter / nuclear Rd40 filters for radioactive particles and Iodine 131

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Reactor Nuclear P3 filter combined with a full face mask offer respiratory protection against radioactive particles and radioactive iodine (Iodine 131) including methyl iodide. They have been tested with iodomethane and are marked with the initials Reactor on the filter label with an orange stripe, as described by DIN 58621.

These are type Rd40 filters with a 40mm universal thread, standardised to EN148-1, which can be fitted to all EN136 approved full face masks. They are available in two versions: A2-P3 Reactor (organic compounds, particles and radioactive substances) and A2B2E2K1-P3 (maximum chemical protection, particles and radioactive substances). Detailed description

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Due to the dangerous nature of the substances potentially present (organic vapours, acid gases, radioactive particles or radioactive iodine), these P3 reactor filters can only be used with full face masks that protect the entire face, nose, mouth and eyes and that meet the EN136 standard.

As with all filtering respiratory protection (full face mask and filter), they cannot be used if the oxygen content in the ambient air is less than 17% by volume.

P3 reactor filter and radioactive iodine (Iodine 131)

Iodine-131 is a radioisotope that represents a significant risk of environmental contamination in the event of nuclear fusion. It is generated in large quantities during the fission of uranium or plutonium, although its radioactive periodicity is quite short at 8.02 days. When inhaled or ingested, it concentrates in the thyroid gland and can seriously disrupt its function. 

It is one of the first and main radionuclides emitted in nuclear fusion. It was found in large quantities during the nuclear tests carried out between 1940 and 1990 and during the serious nuclear accidents in Chernobyl (Ukraine) in 1986 and Fukushima (Japan) in 2011.

Technical specifications of the P3 Reactor filter

  • Type: Standard threaded connection (Rd 40mm x 1/7") according to EN 148-1 marked "R" for reusability
  • Breathing resistance: 2.1 mbar at 30 l/min
  • Housing: Polypropylene
  • Filter media material :
    - Particle filter: filter paper
    - Gas filter: activated carbon
  • Weight: 265 grams
  • Storage: between -20°C and +50°C with humidity < 80%
  • Certifications:
    - EN14387 (class A2 B2 E1)
    - DIN 58621 : against methyl iodide and radioactive particles
    - CE marked and complies with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 (EPP)
  • Distinctive label colour: brown, grey, yellow, green, orange, white
  • Packaging: box ofboîte de 4 filtres

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