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PRO 2000 high performance 40mm gas mask filters are lightweight and powerful universal filters with RD40 connection (standard DIN 40 mm thread). These respirator cartriges are compatible with EN148-1 full face masks and half masks (all brands) and SCOTT Proflow and Duraflow powered air purifying respirators.

Because they are universal, RD 40mm gas mask filters are available in a wide configuration range, from the simple particles filter up to ABEK2Hg-P3 (maximum chemical risk), through REACTOR-P3 filters (nuclear). Detailed description

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Universal 40mm gas mask filter

RD40 filter cartridges are by far the most commonly used. These cartridges feature a standard 40mm thread used by almost all of the major respiratory protection manufacturers.

Because of this universality, RD40 filter cartridge feature a large range of filters from classic particle filter up to ABEK2Hg-P3 filters (maximum chemical hazard) and REACTOR-P3 (nuclear) and even very powerful A1B2E2K1Hg-NO-CO20-P3 filters (carbon and nitrogen oxides)

Pro2000 filters are approved according to latest EN standard and are labelled CE012. They are “R” marked for reusable and connect via an EN148-1 40 mm thread for a compatibility with EN136 approved full face masks and EN140 approved half-masks. 

Pro 2000 RD40 filter cartridge specification

Particle filter specification

  • High capacity air purifying element which stops even finest particles and ensures 99.999% of air purifying (at 95 l/min).
  • Hydrophobic air purifying element
  • Parallel pleated purifying surface with large area to reduce clogging risk in very dusty environments

Pro 2000 respirator cartridges technical specifications

  • The carbon microporous structure is composed by tiny capillaries with large absorption surface.
  • Thanks to high quality materials, the absorption capability remains high for a long time.
  • Less carbon for a lighter weight and a reduction of breathing resistance – benefits for the user.
  • While exceeding EN standards requirements, Pro2000 gas filters are efficient with low carbon (220-230 mL).

Combined filters specifications

Combined filters purify air from both gases and vapors and particles. Air goes first through particle purifying elements and then through gas absorption unit.

Select the proper gas mask filter cartridge

  • Will there be enough oxygen in the atmosphere (19% minimum) during the whole exposure period?
  • Which harmful substances are likely to be present?
  • What is the physical shape if contaminants? Particle, gas or both?
  • What are their concentrations in the atmosphere?
  • What are the occupational exposure limits (OEL) or safe exposure levels?
  • Which effects on health?

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