Hydrogen peroxide detector - H2O2 gas

An hydrogen peroxide detector (H2O2 detector) monitors the presence of this gas in different environments, and warns when its concentration in the air becomes dangerous. It is mainly used for pulp bleaching, water treatment, as an antiseptic in sterilization or decontamination.

Health effects of H2O2, a poisonous and corrosive gas, are numerous: irritation of the respiratory tract and eyes, gastrointestinal disorder, dizziness, headaches, nausea, etc. The use of an H2O2 detector is therefore essential to guarantee the safety of personnel working in potentially dangerous environments.

Find in this space our selection of portable H2O2 detectors such as the Dräger X-am 5100 associated or not with the X-ZONE area gas detector or the ATI Portasens III, as well as our fixed hydrogen peroxide detectors such as the B12 Or Honeywell's SPM FLEX. For specific measurements, we can use our wide range of colorimetric reagent tubes.

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Why use a hydrogen peroxide detector

H2O2 gas - CAS 7722-84-1

Hydrogen peroxide is used in many industries and applications: paper pulp bleaching, textile bleaching, wastewater and water treatment, chemistry, metal blasting, pharmaceutics (antiseptic), sterilization and decontamination, laboratories, food, propulsion of planes and rockets. H2O2 gas in liquid solution is called oxygenated water.

Dangers of hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizer and can ignite and explode on contact with organic substances.

The health effects of H2O2, a toxic and corrosive gas, are numerous: irritation of the respiratory tract and eyes, gastrointestinal disturbances, vertigo, headache, nausea, symptoms of poisoning, stomach or esophagus distensions, internal bleeding, and embolism.

The use of hydrogen peroxide detectors is therefore essential to first guarantee the safety of personnel operating in potentially dangerous environments and then to preserve equipment and sites from any fire ignition or explosion.

Portable H2O2 gas detector

Hydrogen peroxide detectors are particularly effective and practical devices for monitoring concentration levels of H2O2 gas. With configurable visual, vibrating and audible alarms, added to ATEX, IECEx, CE marking, and measuring range from 0 to 20ppm or from 0 to 1000ppm, these devices can be found in many applications. Most often used as a personal protective device alerting its user when the gas concentration becomes dangerous, a portable hydrogen peroxide detector can also be used as a measurement tool. Indeed some models allow to save measurements data and to transfer it to a computer for analysis.

Dosimeter tubes also offer the possibility of measuring the presence of H2O2 gas. When used with a sampling pump or alone, these tools provide clear and accurate measurement of gas concentrations.

Fixed Hydrogen Peroxide Detector

Fixed hydrogen peroxide detectors are integrated into a complete fixed gas detection system with a controller unit, or are used as a standalone detector (SPM Flex). These devices ensure precise measurement by using electrochemical sensors technology or colorimetric paper technology. Available with or without display, and with different measuring ranges, fixed H2O2 gas monitors have 4-20mA linear outputs, configurable alarm thresholds and 240Vac or battery power.

Calibration and maintenance of H2O2 gas detectors

The proper operation of hydrogen peroxide detectors, whether fixed or portable, is ensured through regular maintenance of the device and calibration of the sensors. Standard gas cylinders, available for purchase on our website, allow the calibration of your H2O2 measuring instruments.

For some territories we carry out installation and on-site maintenance of your fixed gas detection systems and offer renewable 1 or 2 year maintenance packages for the purchase of portable gas detectors. For more information on our on-site services do not hesitate to contact us.