Toluene detectors - C7H8 Gas

The toluene gas can be monitored by a C7H8 fixed or portable single gaz or multi gas detectors which will make it possible to determine the dangerousness of its concentration in the air. C7H8 gas - CAS: 108-88-3 - is a volatile organic compound that was used during the World War II for TNT manufacturing, now it remains useful in sectors such as construction (glue, solvents, paints), printing (inks) and the pharmaceutical industry. Toluene is extremely harmful to humans and can even be fatal in cases of ingestion or presence in the respiratory tract. Despite its distinctive solvent-like odor, C7H8 remains a colorless, flammable, explosive and dangerous gas for humans and infrastructures. It is therefore important to accurately measure this toxic gas via a toluene detector that will monitor C7H8 in PPM.

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