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The G7c connected portable gas detector is the only portable ATEX zone 0 device that is at the same time a complete lone worker PASS (personal alert safety system), a gas detector (single gas or multi gas monitor, with or without pump) and a talkie-walkie(real time two-way voice communication).This device connects to 2G/3G networks to monitor, inform and protect personnel working in hazardous areas in real time. Like a phone, the Blackline G7c operates with a 1 to 5 years subscription offering a complete set of services tailored to meet each application needs. Detailed description

A complete geotagged PASS

The G7c - standard – has a complete real time geo-localized PASS to monitor lone workers. The standard device features a fall detector (verticality monitor), a no-motion detection function (“dead man’s alert system”) and an SOS emergency latch (“panic button”)

A connected portable gas detector (up to 5 gases)

In addition to being a complete tracked PASS, the G7c can be equipped with a gas detection cartridge, converting it into a full geo-localized PASS 4 gas monitor. For confined spaces interventions, a gas sampling pump can be added to the device. Gas detection sensors are under guarantee and will be replaced incase of failure* throughout the end of the service subscription plan. *normal use of the device

Blackline G7C PTT button (Push To Talk)

The G7c connected portable gas monitor also features the PTT functionality (“push-to-talk” communication button). The PTT button is designed to use the G7c as a talkie-walkie (IP voice communication): G7c users in the same organization and on the same channel can converse in real time with efficient two-way communication.

The Blackline Live web platform

Blackline Live is an online monitoring portal that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device (phone, tablet) with internet connection – secured access. The platform offers the capacity to process in-depth data analysis to optimize operations.

A real-time dashboard

Available from the Blackline Live platform, a real-time dashboard provides a detailed breakdown of the G7c connected portable gas detector units on a given connectivity zone. Thus, accidents and emergency situations can be monitored right when they occur. The dashboard can also be used to trigger alert signals to alert personnel on the worksite, to launch and monitor emergency response adapted to each situation (SOS latch, true fall detection®, no-motion detection, missed check-ins).

Very detailed reports

All parameters, information and incidents of a given G7c fleet are transmitted in real time or delayed for non-connected zones. This data can be analyzed and compiled in detailed reports (tables,graphs, etc.)All essential information on each device is also available (last bump test, calibrations, gas detection alarm events, safety alerts to identify hazardous zones).

A 24/7 alert & safety response center

Offering professional safety monitoring and emergency response management services to teams in the field, the Blackline safety operations center ensures safety 24/7. At the same time it isentirely possible to monitor your worker’s safety using your own surveillance partner, or your own in-house security team.

Blackline G7C portable gas detector specifications

Standard G7c functions

  • Fall and no-motion detection: Accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope, configurable sensitivity, configurable no-motion delay
  • SOS alert: Pull on the red latch
  • Silent alert: Push on the red button
  • Low battery alert: configurable value
  • Security check-ins: 30 to 180 min configurable or disabled, automatic while driving

Dimensions : 64 mm x 124 mm x 27 mm / 162 g / IP67

Blackline Live Application Web

The cloud-based web portal is highly configurable to suit the most demanding applications, map insertion, employee’s addresses,user roles, alert management, device configuration and detailed reports.

Ergonomic design: Large back-lit LCD screen, menu accessible through 3 buttons, on/off, release button and SOS latch (immediate alert)

Alarm: sound (95 dB @ 30 cm), LED and vibration

Voice calls: built-in speaker and microphone

G7c Wireless Radio: 100 countries coverage, 200 providers

G7c localization updates: 5 min

Battery: rechargeable Li-ion, 18 hours at 20°C normal use

Charging time: 4 hours

Certifications :

  • SAR, RoHS, CE, RCM
  • Canada et USA: Class I Division 1 Gr A, B, C, D T4; Class I Zone 0 AEx da ia IIC T4; Ex da ia IIC T4 Ga
  • IECEx: Ex da ia IIC T4 Ga
  • ATEX: Ex da ia IIC T4 Ga II 1 G
  • LEL: CSA C22.2 No. 152; ISA 12.13.01

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