Scott Safety

Scott Safety

With offices and production sites throughout the world, Scott Safety became one of the leading companies in the field of personal safety. As a subsidiary of 3M Science Applied to Life group, its activities are large and extended but always focused on protecting workers and operators evolving in harsh environments and hostile areas.

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Scott Safety respiratory protection

Scott Safety offers worldwide a full range or respiratory protective equipment. In order to meet any need and to ensure everyone safety, these devices are gathered into two main categories.

Air purifying protective devices such as respiratory protective filters, gas mask and half-mask respirators or the powered air purifying respirators which are well known for their comfort of use and widely used in many fields of activity that require operators to wear such personal respiratory protective devices.

In order to respond to demanding requirements of the harshest environments, Scott Safety also proposes a large range of air supplying protective devices with related accessories such as trolleys intended to receive the cylinders, meet the strictest standards, making them a tool of choice for workers in contaminated areas.

Scott Safety also specializes in respiratory protection from asbestos exposure. Thus, the brand offers a whole range specially designed for decontamination applications. In addition, Scott Safety breathing apparatus use an impressive range of RD DIN 40 filter cartridges (with a 40 mm universal thread) allowing great interchangeability.

Gas detection and accessories

By purchasing Industrial Safety Technologies – most commonly known as IST – in 2014, Scott Safety became one of the leading companies in the field of portable gas detection. The group offers a wide range of handheld devices such as disposable single-gas detectors or multigas detectors. Scott Safety now designs and produces fixed detection systems: flame detectors and explosive detectors. Every gas or flame detector designed by Scott Safety uses improved high-end sensor technologies in order to provide the best prevention solutions in hazardous areas.

In order to support and protect workers evolving in danger zones, accessories are also available. Among all of them, personal alert safety systems (PASS) are made to detect motionless operators – they are also call man down detectors – or to alert in case of panic situations. With the aim to protect workers and operators, Scott Safety also offers thermal imagers for tactical research and rescue in emergency situations.