M20 self-rescuer SCSR (Emergency escape breathing device EEBD)

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The M20 self-rescuer mask is the smallest and lightest self-contained self-rescuer on the market. Well known by wastewater treatment training attendees, the M20 is the most popular – i. e. the most commonly used – SCSR escape mask in the sanitation sector.

The M20 self-rescuer is very well known as aminers self-rescuer in mines and underground works. This EEBD is also used in water treatment, waste treatment, as well as in the gas, and petrochemical industry for emergency situations Detailed description

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The M20 self-contained self-rescuer or escape mask

The M20.2 self-rescuer mask (also known as escape mask or emergency escape breathing device) is the smallest SCSR on the market. Compact, lightweight and ergonomic, it can be comfortably belt-mounted or stored into an airtight wall-mounted bracket (orange). It isolates the user’s lungs from dangerous atmospheres using compressed oxygen that can last up to 32 minutes. Even more efficient than an air purifying respirator, this self-contained self-rescuer provides protection against oxygen deficiency (presence of asphyxiating gas or fumes) and toxic gases (values exceeding air purifying potential) and particles.

M20 self-rescuer mask operating mode

Oxygen automatically flows once the device is extracted from the bracket. It is then breathed by the user through a mouthpiece from a breathing bag. The air expired through the mouthpiece goes through lithium hydroxide that filters CO2. Cleaned air is then reinjected into the breathing bag and re-oxygenated before being breathed again.

M20 self-rescuer mask operating procedure

Donning a Ocenco M20.2 SCSR is incredibly easy: the user just needs to take the device out of the bracket, don the mouthpiece and the nose clip and simply breathe. As for any personal protective equipement, an annual control (visual inspection of the oxygen gauge and the device overall state) should be performed and a specific training (with a training self-rescuer mask) is required.

M20 self-contained self rescuer specifications

  • Typical performance duration (operating) : 15-20 min
  • Typical performance duration (rest) : 32 min
  • Donning time: Less than 10 seconds
  • Weight : 0.94kg – 1.4 kg with storage case)
  • Dimensions : 18,3 x 16,5 x 7,9cm
  • Refurbish after use: NO
  • Service life: 15 years

Wastewater treatment training

It is required that any operator who needs to enter confined spaces in the sanitation and wastewater treatment sectors has to wear a self-rescuer mask. The M20 self-contained self-rescuer perfectly responds to this obligation!

This unit is made for people who need to operate in confined spaces or in closed or partially closed areas that were not designed to be permanently occupied.

Learn more about the wastewater treatment training on the GazDetect website.

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