Nitric oxide detector - NO gas

A nitric oxide detector measures the presence of this gas in ambient air. Nitric oxide - CAS 10102-43-9 - also known as nitrogen oxide or nitrogen monoxide, is a toxic, combustion agent, and corrosive gas. NO gas can be very dangerous for men (irritations, burns, breathing difficulties, pulmonary edema) and for infrastructures (it is a combustible agent and can react with other substances causing a fire and explosion).

The properties of this gas require the use of a NO detector in environments likely to have high concentrations of nitric oxide in the air. Nitrogen oxide is used or emitted in various sectors: metal industry, wood activities (sawdust), welding, explosives, underground car parks (emitted by fuel combustion). In order to match different applications, our selection of nitric oxide monitors presents different NO detection solutions: fixed, portable single gas or multi gas, and area gas monitors.

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