Nitric acid detectors - HNO3 gas

Nitric acid detectors provide safety for workers and facilities in many industries that use HNO3 in their manufacturing or synthesis process. These devices can be found in different industries and activity fields: fertilizer production, petrochemicals, electronics, industrial chemistry (production of polyurethane, fluorides), the manufacture of pharmaceutical products and even nuclear power production.

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Dangers of nitric acid - CAS 7697-37-2

Nitric acid is a corrosive, combustible and toxic gas. It also known as spirit of niter or aqua fortis, and is most often used in its liquid form. This gas can cause fires and / or contribute to the aggravation of accidental combustion.

In case of exposure to vapors, nitric acid mist or in direct contact with the aqueous solution, an individual may suffer severe burns, elimination of tissues with formation of bedsores, skin irritation, mucous membranes and respiratory discomfort up to pulmonary edema.

Because of these effects on health and dangers that nitric acid implies, the use of fixed or portable gas detectors able to monitor the precise concentration of HNO3 in the air is essential for prevention.

HNO3 portable gas detector

In order to measure the nitric acid concentration, several solutions allowing mobility are available: portable HNO3 detectors, colorimetric and dosimeter gas detection tubes. These different technologies (intelligent electrochemical sensors or optical analysis) and these devices offer a solution for different applications.

Nitric acid fixed detector

For constant monitoring in places where nitric acid is present, a fixed detector must be installed. Depending on its configuration, it can be used autonomously or integrated into a complete gas monitoring system and connected to a control panel controlling the alarms and other risk prevention actions.