Nitric acid detector - HNO3 gas

Nitric acid detector help keep workers and facilities safe in many industries that use HNO3 in their manufacturing or synthesis processes. Nitric acid, also known as nitrogen acid, and most often used in its liquid phase, is a corrosive, oxidizing, and poisonous gas. This gas can cause fires and / or contribute to the aggravation of accidental combustion.

In order to overcome these dangers, the use of portable HNO3 gas detector such as the Xam 5100 or fixed nitric acid detector such as the SPM FLEX makes it possible to accurately measure concentrations of this dangerous gas in the air. These devices are thus found in various industries and activity sectors such as production of fertilizers, petrochemicals, electronics, industrial chemistry (production of polyurethane, fluorine and fluorides), pharmaceuticals or even nuclear manufacturing.

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