Fluorine detector - F2 gas

A fluorine detector (F2 monitor) makes it possible to measure the presence of this gas in ambient air in toxicity (ppm or ppb) and to alert when dangerous concentrations occur. Fluorine (CAS 7782-41-4) is a particularly toxic and corrosive gas. Chronic exposure from 0.8 ppm can cause various health effects. Accidental exposure to high fluoride concentrations can cause mucosal damage, skin burns, and can be fatal when inhaled.

Fluorine is exploited in many industrial activities such as the composition of fluorinated gases (freons / refrigerant gases), semiconductors manufacturing, composition of plastics, nuclear combustion, or even in drugs synthesis.

Depending on the needs and characteristics of the fluorine measurement, different techniques can be used: electrochemical sensors or colorimetric reagents. Our fluoride detectors selection includes fixed devices that fit into a complete gas detection system, portable F2 detectors, as well as colorimetric reagent tubes.

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