Diborane detector - B2H6 gas

Diborane detectors make it possible to monitor this gas and to alert in case of danger. B2H6 gas - CAS 19287-45-7 - is flammable, corrosive and toxic. In addition to its combustible capacity in a moist atmosphere, this gas is also likely to form very explosive mixtures. At the same time, its effects on health can be very dangerous: pulmonary edema, intoxication, tachycardia, hypotension, and immediate death danger starting at 15 ppm.

Thus, the use of a B2H6 gas detector makes it possible to guarantee workers and infrastructures safety for many applications using this gas (propellant for rocket propulsion, semiconductor and electronic boards manufacturing). To fit all needs our selection presents portable single-gas or multi-gas diborane detectors as well as fixed monitors.

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