Safety fall arrest harness VIT'O TEC for work at height or in confined spaces

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The Vito TEC is a safety fall arrest harness for work at height or interventions in confined spaces. It has a dorsal hook on "D" on a very practical extension strap and a hook fall arrest and rescue sternal formed by two textile loops. It also incorporates a specific ergonomic belt for wearing a self-rescuing mask.

Particularly comfortable with its shoulder backrest in 3D fabric breathable and its ergonomic shorts with knurled pads to limit pressure in the groin, it is available in 3 sizes. For better hygiene, the large polyester main straps are water-repellent and the automatic buckles are in aluminium. Detailed description

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A safety fall arrest harness dedicated to confined spaces

The Vito-TEC complies with EN361 standards (equipment for personal protection against falls from a height) and EN1497 (personal protective equipment against falls with rescue buckles, it is therefore suitable for interventions in confined spaces.

An ergonomic belt allows prolonged wearing of a system self-rescuer at the back of the body so as not to interfere with the user's movement. If necessary and pulling the strap positioning, the self-rescuer is brought back to the front so it can be opened easily without contortio.

It is a product of French manufacture which offers a guarantee of quality, short deadlines and compliance with French standards and international regulations in force, an undeniable advantage.

Technical characteristics of Vito TEC safety harness

  • 44 mm main straps water-repellent in polyester (R≥25 kN)
  • Straps adjustments by male / female quick buckles in black powder coated steel
  • On chest strap 44 mm with automatic aluminum buckle.
  • Fall indicator trigger threshold from 300 daN.
  • Ergonomic belt for carrying a lifeguard with recall strap.
  • Adjustment of the shorts and the belt by an aluminum automatic buckle with closing indicator (black epoxy treatment).
  • Dorsal D-ring fitted with an extension strap of length 300 mm.
  • Sternal attachment point by connecting webbing rings also for rescue operations.
  • Thigh straps with padded reinforcement.
  • Plasticized belt backrest for easy cleaning.
  • Automatic aluminum buckles.
  • Static resistance ≥ 15kN.
  • 3 sizes available (S, ML or XL).
  • Weight: 1.9 kg.
  • Complies with standards EN361 & EN1497.
  • Tested for a maximum weight of 140 kg.

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