Nitrogen Detector - N2 Gas - Oxygen Meter

A nitrogen detector does not differ from an oxygen meter. Indeed, nitrogen is a component of the atmosphere, it is an inert gas that in itself is not toxic but which reduces the oxygen level. The presence of nitrogen can therefore lead, when the oxygen level is too low in ambient air, to many symptoms of asphyxiation and death by anoxia. Because N2 gas has this oxygen depletion characteristic, a nitrogen detector is in reality an oxygen meter.

This detection system will alert its users when nitrogen creates a low oxygen atmosphere. Also known as nitrogen, N2 gas - CAS 7727-37-9 - is used in many applications: fertilizer (main use), pesticide, refrigerant, synthesis of pharmaceuticals, anti-corrosion agent, extinguishing fire agent, creation of inert confined atmospheres. Our selection of devices for oxygen monitoring in potentially dangerous nitrogenous atmospheres offers fixed or portable single gas and multi gas detectors as well as area gas monitors.

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