Gas analysis

Indoor air quality monitors for IAQ analysis: colorimetric gas detection tubes, CO2 (carbon dioxide) fixed or portable gas detectors, formaldehyde analysis and measurement in ambient air, monitoring and measurement of oxygen rate in the air.

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Either in houses or in any other public access building, it is important to monitor and analyze the air we are breathing. As it becomes increasingly frequent to implement air conditioning systems in new buildings or when restoring old ones, the potential presence of abnormal concentrations of hazardous gases that may have harmful impact on human health is increasing.

Public access buildings – also known as PAB – such as hotel or hospital rooms, offices, schools and so on can have abnormally high concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2), formaldehyde (CH2O) or refrigerant gases (also called Freon). The oxygen rate can also be reduced in these interior areas so it is important to be equipped with air quality monitoring devices that can clearly detect these variations. Other hazardous gases like benzene or perchloroethylene may appear in PABs, these gases being classified as carcinogenic agents…

Poor interior air quality, or IAQ – poorly ventilated area or with oxygen deficiency – can lead to severe consequences on human health, from simple irritating discomfort up to death in the most severe cases. It has been established that many chronic diseases such as asthma or allergies are linked to poor and degraded indoor air quality.

Using appropriate detection devices – IAQ monitors - is then highly recommended and sometimes required by laws and regulations in many countries. Several types of monitoring equipment are available depending on the hazard to monitor. There’s a large range of interior air quality monitors, going from simple dosimeter tubes up to complete fixed gas detection systems and portable indoor air quality analyzers. These enhanced devices feature advanced detection technologies for fast, efficient and reliable analysis of indoor air quality in public access buildings.