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OXYBABY® O2 or O2/CO2 MAP gas analyzers are an alternative solution to control impeccable quality for products in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). Detailed description

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Oxybaby® analyzers are available in two versions.


• A fixed version to be placed close to packing zones or control laboratories in order to ease tests.

• A portable version to perform fast controls in storage areas or at different points of the production line.


This way, hazardous areas can be controlled and hazards quickly corrected.


Modified atmosphere packaging presents several benefits. Indeed, without oxygen, food products don’t oxidize which increase their shelf life and enable them to be shipped abroad and also increase their storage life (if combined with cold storage).


Contrary to conservatives, modified atmosphere does not interfere with products, allowing best possible conditions consumption.


As the atmosphere contains low or no oxygen, risks of bacteria or micro-organisms presence are virtually inexistant.


Modified atmosphere is also a solution against food waste.


technical specifications


Main advantages:
Very low gas sample
• operates with rechargeable batteries
• Large backlit graphic display (multilingual menu)
Easy one-hand operation
• Last measures data logging
• Flow control with blocked needle alarm
• Needle cover (avoid needle loss and protect user)
Easy to clean and reduced maintenance cost


Other specifications


Provided complete with protective case and: • charger • CD-ROM with: - OBCC software (demo version) – instructions of use • 2 spare needles • 2 spare filters • one set of 100 rubber seals • Case dimensions (HxLxD): approx. 325x385x115 mm • Case weight: approx. 1.7 kg (including device)




More Information
Technical specifications


Principaux avantages :
• Prise de gaz très faible
• Fonctionnement sur batteries rechargeables
• Ecran graphique, large et éclairé (menu multilingue)
• Mise en oeuvre aisée avec une seule main
• Mémorisation des dernières mesures
• Contrôle du débit avec alarme si aiguille bouchée
• Capuchon de protection
(évite les pertes d‘aiguille et les blessures)
• Nettoyage aisé et coûts de maintenance réduits

Other characteristics Livré complet dans sa valise protectrice avec : • Chargeur • CD-ROM avec : - logiciel OBCC (version de démo) - manuel utilisateur • 2 aiguilles de rechange • 2 filtres de rechange • Une plaque de 100 septums • Dimensions de la valise (HxLxP) : env. 325x385x115 mm • Poids de la valise : approx. 1.7 kg (contenu inclus)

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