Tetrachloroethylene Detector - C2Cl4 gas

Stationary or portable, a perchlorethylene or tetrachloroethylene detector can measure concentrations of this chemical compound and alert when levels become dangerous. Also known as tetrachloroethylene, or "perchlo", perchlorethylene is a VOC (volatile organic compound) widely used as a solvent (particularly for dry cleaning) and for metal treatment (cleaning and degreasing).

Perchlorethylene or C2Cl4 (CAS 127-18-4) is classified as mutagenic, carcinogenic, reprotoxic and dangerous for the environment. Tetrachloroethylene detetion is done with a portable VOC detector equipped with a PID lamp (photo-ionization lamp) but in a non-discriminating manner. The gas detector will alert when VOCs concentration in the air is too high (in this case perchloroethylene), but will not be able to indicate precisely which VOC it is or if there are others.

Like portable detection, fixed perchloroethylene detection goes through a fixed VOC detector. Our equipment selection offers an ATEX transmitter with PID lamp, alarm relay, 4-20 mA linear output and optional digital display able to adapt to many applications.

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