Hydrogen selenide detector - H2Se gas

A hydrogen selenide detector (H2Se Detector) can accurately measure and control the presence of this gas in ambient air. Depending on the required precision level, the measurement is made in ppm (parts per million) or ppb (parts per billion).

H2Se gas - CAS 7783-07-5 - also known as selenium hydrogen, is a toxic and flammable inorganic chemical compound. It is a colorless gas with an irritating foul odor that can cause acute and fatal poisoning when inhaled at high concentrations. Hydrogen selenide monitoringis necessary in many industries using this gas: metallurgy, rubber, refining, electronics, etc.

In order to adapt perfectly to all applications, our hydrogen selenide detectors selection features portable devices such as the Portasens III, as well as fixed H2Se detectors using different measurement techniques (electrochemical sensor or opto-electronic analysis) .

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