Hydrogen bromide detector - HBr gas

When using hydrobromic acid or in the presence of its gas, the use of a hydrogen bromide detector makes it possible to monitor the concentration level of this gas in order to avoid dangerous situations. View on this page our fixed and portable gas detector selection for HBr monitoring.

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HBr Gas

Hydrogen bromide - CAS number 10035-10-6 - is a gas used most often in laboratories and in the chemical industry. Hydrobromic acid (aqueous solution of hydrogen bromide) is used for manufacturing bromides (zinc, sodium, calcium) and ethers, the extraction of ores, and the creation of various organic compounds.

HBr is a corrosive, toxic and colorless gas that can have dangerous health consequences. Direct contact will cause burns. And, by accumulation in confined spaces, this gas will cause dizziness and asphyxia. Finally, even if it is not qualified as an explosive gas, effect of hydrogen bromide in presence of moisture or on steel can lead to hydrogen production (H2, highly flammable gas).

Hydrogen bromide detection

The use of hydrobromic acid in many industrial applications is very often supported by the use of an hydrogen bromide detector. On one hand to protect individuals working in these environments from harmful effects on their health. And on the other hand to avoid risks on the installations that could be generated by a high concentration of this gas. Two types of detectors are used: fixed and portable HBr monitors.

Fixed hydrogen bromide detector

Installed in the concerned environment, this measuring device will continuously monitor the presence of HBr. With a precise gas detection sensor and connected to a central controller unit, it will be able to transmit information that will trigger the alarm and thus protect infrastructures and personnel. Some fixed detectors may also be completely independent, and won’t need to be integrated with a complete gas detection system.

Portable HBr detector

Practical and effective, these devices allow to accurately measure gas concentrations. With a battery life of up to 200 hours, ATEX, IECEx certifications, data loggers, audible, visual and vibrating alarms, and easy to use, these portable devices are very versatile and effective.