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Automatic gas solenoid valve 360 mbar – ELK700

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ELK700 automatic gas solenoid valve, normally closed (NC) Class A EN161 – Maximum pressure 360 mbar. F/F threaded connectors from 3/8” to 1”1/2 and standard flange connectors PN16 UNI 2223 from DN65 to DN150. Nominal voltage 230V 50/60 Hz (Upon request: 110V-50/60 Hz or 24V Ac/Dc or 12V Ac/Dc). Detailed description

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360 mbar automatic gas solenoid valve

ELK700 series automatic gas solenoid valves are used with atmospheric and blown air burners, gas boilers, ovens, incineration burners and other industrial applications involving gaseous combustibles.

These low pressure (360 mbar) automatic reset safety gas solenoid valves – Normally Closed – are designed to shut down a gas supply through lack of tension thanks to their positive safety operation. Indeed, they need constant power supply to let the gas flow and automatically close in case of voltage deficiency to the coil.

NC gas solenoid valve class A – Group 2 – EN161

ELK700 gas solenoid valves are normally closed (NC) safety valves. At rest, a spring acts on the valve plug to close the gas flow. Once the coil is powered, the valve opens. When the power supply is being shut down, the valve swiftly closes.

ELK700 gas solenoid valve technical specifications

  • Connectors:

- Threaded F/F gas 3/8” at 2”

- Flanged PN16 UNI 2223 from DN65 to DN150

  • Power supply: 230V - 50/60 HZ (Upon request: 110V-50/60 Hz / 12/24V AC/DC)
  • Maximum operating pressure: 360 mbar
  • Opening/closing times: <1second
  • Ingres protection: IP 54
  • Cable gland: DIN PG 9 plug
  • Pressure taps: 1/4“on two sides
  • Standard: Designed according to current EN161 standard
  • GASTEC PIN approval: 63AQ1350
More Information
Technical specifications
  • Raccords :• filetés F/F gaz de 3/8” à 2” • à brides PN16 UNI 2223 de DN65 à DN150
  • Tension nominale : 230V - 50/60 HZ
  • Sur demande : 110V - 50/60 HZ / 12-24 V - AC/DC
  • Marge de tension : -15% à +10%
  • Température de travail : -15 °C à +60 °C
  • Pression de travail : 200 - 360 mbar
  • Temps d’ouverture / fermeture : <1seconde
  • Degré de protection : IP 54
  • Presse à câbles : Fiche DIN PG 9
  • Prises de pression : 1/4“ sur deux côtés
  • Fin de course : Sur demande
  • Norme : Réalisées selon la norme EN161 en vigueur.
  • Homologation GASTEC PIN : 63AQ1350

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