Automatic fall arresters with energy absorber (strap-on or cable-on)

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The automatic fall arresters is an essential component of the fall arrest protection. It is a quick brake release system that stops a fall in just a few inches. It can be strap-on, generally for short lengths (from 2 to 5 meters) or cable-on for difficult or severe environments (constructions, sanitation, confined spaces, etc.).

The operation principle is somewhat similar to the seat belt! It locks automatically in the event of a fall and holds the operator to prevent him from falling to the ground. It is equipped with an energy absorber (a shock absorber) whose purpose is to absorb the kinetic energy of the sudden stop of the fall so that it is less than 6 kN. Detailed description

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Automatic fall arresters

The automatic fall arresters must be connected to a safe anchorage point ideally located above the operator to reduce the risk of accidents and have a fall factor as close to zero as possible. It must comply with the EN360 standard.

It can be strap or cable depending on the applications:

EDGE strap fall arrest

The webbing fall arrester is specifically designed for work at heights (MEWP, scaffolding, roof, etc.) with a small length of connection (from 2 to 5 meters). The EDGE automatic fall arrest is very light and equipped with a high-density polyethylene webbing lanyard that can be automatically retracted.

It is compatible with vertical or horizontal configuration for a maximum load up to 140 kg. It also has a swivel connector to prevent the strap from twisting during use. The energy absorber is packaged in a polyester pouch. It is available in two strap lengths: 2 or 3.5 meters.

Cable fall arrest with NSTS rescue winch

Rope fall arrest are heavier and bulkier than strap fall arrest. It is equipped with a very strong steel cable and is more specifically designed for difficult or severe areas such as manholes (risk of cutting) or confined spaces.

The NSTS automatic fall arrest system is equipped with an automatically retractable steel rope lanyard, equipped with a dual catches system that allows immediate restraint in the event of a fall, and an internal element for kinetic energy dissipation (energy absorber).

An emergency rescue hoist, easily activated after a fall, allows the secure person to be evacuated upwards. It is available in 3 cable lengths: 10, 15 and 20 meters.

Technical characteristics of automatic fall arresters

EDGE strap fall arrest

  • Vertical and horizontal use.
  • 2 m or 3.5 m total length depending on model.
  • Maximum user mass 140 kg.
  • High density polyethylene lanyard, 25mm wide (R>22kN).
  • Aluminum housing.
  • Static resistance >15 kN.
  • Stopping force < 600 daN.
  • Vertical air draft: 2.5 m or 2.6 m depending on model.
  • Horizontal draught: 4.5 m or 5.0 m depending on model.
  • Swivel anchor ring with steel screw connector, 18 mm opening.
  • Swivel connector and automatic locking with anodized aluminum drop light.
  • Complies with the EN360 standard (automatic fall arrest).

Cable fall arrest with NSTS rescue hoist

  • Maximum user mass 140 kg.
  • Galvanized steel cable lanyard Ø 4.5 mm (R > 12 kN).
  • Steel housing with epoxy coating.
  • Engagement speed: 20 m/min.
  • Static resistance: > 12 kN.
  • Stopping force: < 600 daN.
  • Vertical draught: 2.5 m.
  • Activation of the winch by quarter-turn knob.
  • Winch Activation Indicator.
  • Swivel drop indicator connector, self-locking, 20 mm opening.
  • Available in 3 cable lengths: 10, 15 and 20 meters.
  • Complies with the EN360 & EN1496 Class A standards (Elevation Rescue Devices).


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