Versatile fall arrest harness NUS65A for work at height

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The NUS65A is a versatile fall arrest harness combining performance, comfort and lightness. Equipped with automatic buckles and padded leg straps, it easily adapts to all body types thanks to its high-performance adjustment and locking systems. It is a harness with 2 attachment points: 1 sternal point on textile buckles and 1 dorsal point on metallic "D".

The NUS65A, with its excellent value for money, innovates with its anti trauma buckles on the thighs which reduces the strain on the wearer during a fall (compression of the femoral artery). It complies with the EN361 standard (PPE against falls from a height). Detailed description

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A French-made versatile fall arrest harness

It is a French-made product that offers a guarantee of quality, short lead times and compliance with current French and international standards, an undeniable advantage!

Available in 3 sizes (S, M / L & XL), the NUS65A versatile fall arrest harness has many options that complement it to make it even more practical and comfortable

Available options for NUS65A fall arrest

Removable work positioning belt

Intended for all types of maintenance and restraint work, this comfort belt is rotatable and thus allows the body to pivot without dragging the work positioning lanyard into its movement.

Removable comfort backrest

Easy to install using Velcro® straps. Its breathable foam makes it an accessory essential to complete your harness.

  • Material: polyester and plastic (breathable).
  • Velcro® tape on each shoulder.

Extension lanyard

To extend the dorsal attachment point of the fall arrest harness (on dorsal "D" only).

  • Composition: Tubular strap, width 20 mm (R ≥ 30 kN).
  • Single length: 0.35 m and 0.3 m with lark’s head knot.

Mobile fall arrest with energy absorber

Energy absorber with integrated double halyard lanyard. A removable connector is positioned on the energy absorber side and a removable or non-removable connector on the lanyard side.

Removable lanyard holder

It is worn on the shoulder straps of all types of harnesses. Easy to install using Velcro, it ensures that the connectors are stored so that the user is not hindered when moving.

Technical characteristics of NUS65A versatile fall arrest harness

  • Validated by tests at 140 kg.
  • 48 mm wide main straps in polyester (R ≥ 22 kN).
  • Polypropylene back plate with anti-fall hook.
  • 25 mm wide on chest strap.
  • Simultaneous adjustment of the straps and thigh straps by male-female quick-release metal buckles in white zinc-plated steel.
  • "D" dorsal attachment fitted with a 300 mm length extension strap.
  • Sternal fall arrest attachment on two webbing loops to be linked together.
  • Padded leg straps with automatic buckle closure.
  • Static resistance on rope > 15 kN.
  • Weight: 1.2 kg.
  • 3 sizes available (S, M or XL).
  • Complies with the EN361 (PPE against falls from a height) & EN1497 standards (PPE against falls from a height with rescue loops).

Class 3 PPE - such as fall arrest harnesses - correspond to equipment that protects against serious and fatal risks. For obvious reasons of personnel safety, periodic verification of this type of equipment is mandatory and must be carried out at least once a year by an authorized company.

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