K-SB30 ASTTAR Emergency evacuation self-rescuer

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The ASTTAR self-rescuer is used for work in confined spaces. It ensures operator safety while being very easy to use. It is a 
respiratory protection device designed for emergency evacuation. It has an autonomy of 30 minutes for evacuation and 90 minutes in the waiting position for help (seated position). 

The ASTTAR K-SB30 operates on the principle of oxygen generation by chemical reaction: moisture and carbon dioxide from exhaled air produce a KO2 chemical reaction, while carbon dioxide is fixed and oxygen is released into a breathing bag. It is quick and easy to use, even in the most extreme conditions. Detailed description

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The use of a self-rescuer such as the ASTTAR is highly recommended, and even mandatory, in certain working environments such as tunnels, mines and sanitation. It is an integral part of CATEC training (Certificate of Ability to Work in Confined Spaces). It is in fact a self-contained closed-circuit breathing apparatus, which means that the air exhaled into a bag (called a "lung") is filtered and regenerated to produce oxygen. 

The CATEC training

The majority of accidents, often serious or even lethal, which occur during operations in these environments are linked to an oxygen-deficient atmosphere, the presence of toxic gases or vapours, or an explosion or fire.

The CATEC® system meets the desire of operators in the water and wastewater treatment sector to create a common skills base incorporating best practice in risk prevention when working in confined spaces. 

Fields of application of the self-contained closed-circuit breathing apparatus

  • Water treatment & sanitation
  • Underground mining
  • Public works (tunnels)
  • Chemical industry
  • Maritime sector

Technical specifications of the ASTTAR self-rescuer

  • Oxygen delivery method: Exhaled air in the respiratory bag (low in oxygen) is chemically regenerated with potassium peroxide (KO2). The carbon dioxide (CO2) also contained in the exhaled air is trapped and stored. 


  • Operating time (emergency evacuation): 30 minutes
  • Operating time (waiting, seated position): 90 minutes 
  • Set-up time: Less than 10 seconds 


  • Weight: 2.2 kg 
  • Dimensions: 202 x 119 x 191 mm 


  • Can be repackaged after use: NO


  • Inhalation temperature: ≤ 50°C in accordance with DIN EN 13794:2002 (Annex A)
  • Maximum temperature of KO2 during use: 200°C


  • Equipment lifetime: 
    - Use: 5 years
    - Storage: 10 years

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