NEXUS-C industrial combined visual and audible alarm

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The NEXUS-C combined audible and visual alarm device has a 5 Joule flashing light and a 105 to 120 dB sound power depending on the model. With a high protection degree (IP66), this waterproof and dustproof signaling device can be installed indoors or outdoors.

It is particularly suitable in an industrial environment for visual and audible information and / or danger signaling. The adjustable sound power allows use in very noisy areas. Detailed description

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A versatile visual and audible alarm device

The NEXUS-C combined signaling device has a 5 joules flashing light signal and a 105 to 120 dB audible alarm signal depending on the selected model. It allows an installation in a noisy environment where the visual signal completes the audible alarm. It is particularly well suited for indoors or outdoors industrial applications with an IP66 protection index.

Nexus-C signaling device assets

  • Simultaneous or independent siren and light activation by a double wiring terminal block
  • Waterproof and dustproof (IP66), can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • Sound level adjustable on site
  • Choice of light technology: xenon or LED
  • Available in 10-60 VDC or 110-230VAC version
  • Simple installation, connection in the base
  • Use: tertiary or industrial sector

Nexus-C visual audible alarm combination technical specifications

  • Sound power:Available in 3 versions depending on the sound power:
    - NEXUS 105: 105 dB
    - NEXUS 110: 110 dB
    - NEXUS 120: 120 dB
  • Power setting: -20dB per potentiometer (except for AFNOR NFS32001 sound)
  • Number of sounds: 64 sounds including AFNOR NFS32001 sound
  • Selecting sounds: By internal microswitches. Control of 3 sounds by internal connection (except 110/230 Vac version)
  • Light output for the whole range:
    Vac: 5 Joule Xenon light - 60 flashes / min.
    Vcc: LED light equivalent power
  • Available lens colors:
    Red as standard
    Orange, green, blue on request
  • Power supply: 10-60 Vcc or 110-230 Vca
  • Consumption:
    - NEXUS 105 : 8 to 40 mA
    - NEXUS 110 : 10 to 50 mA
    - NEXUS 120 : 120 to 550 mA
  • Certification: EN54-3 (Sound Alarm Fire Devices)
  • Material / Finish:
    - Body: red high resistance ABS in the mass
    - Lens: Polycarbonate
  • Waterproof: IP66
  • Tapping: 5 entries pointed on 2 sides
  • Terminal block: 8 terminals of 2.5 mm2
  • Dimensions / weight:
    - NEXUS 105: 136.2 x 173.1 x 124.5 mm / 0.8 kg
    - NEXUS 110: 166.3 x 213.5 x 149.5 mm / 1.2 kg
    - NEXUS 120: 166.3 x 213.5 x 149.5 mm / 2.0 kg


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