Accessories for Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

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Here you will find all or our accessories and spare parts for self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA): panoramic masks, compressed air cylinders made of steel or carbon fiber, carrying cases, personal alert safety systems PASS)… Detailed description

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Respirators for SCBA


PROMASK respirator


Promask full face mask is a multifunction respirator which provides comfort and unrivalled protection afgainst many breathing hazards. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, it can be used in many industrial situations. Featuring a T shape unique faceseal for efficient and comfortable adjustement, it is very easy to don and to doff.


Promask SCBA respirator is available in halogenobutyle rubber or in silicon versions in two different sizes. It can be selected with rubber harness, net harness or F1 helmet version.


VISION 3 mask


Vision3 panoramic mask provides best comfort and a true visual benefit. Its visor ensures an almost total field of view (98 %). It features a vertical and horizonal curb without distorsion. It is also reinforced in standard version for being resistant to scratches and solvents with a reduced maintenance cost. This respirator features a phonic membrane for easy communication.


ARI Vision 3 mask is made of LSR (liquid silicon rubber) and combines silicon flexibility to ruggedness and long shelf life properties and is available in two sizes. This respirator can be selected with rubber harness, net harness or F1 helmet version


Compressed air cylinders for SCBA


Cylinders made of steel or carbon fiber composite delivered fully filled (200 or 300 bars) or empty (essentially for export) for open-circuit self-contained breathing apparatus (OC-SCBA). Gas valve with safety lock in compliance with EN 144 standard.


Steel SCBA cylinder


Steel cylinders are cost-efficient and checking period is longer than for composite cylinders (carbon fiber) but they are heavy (about 15 kg) which might be disabling for physical or difficult interventions.


Composite (carbon fiber) SCBA cylinder


Composite cylinders (made of carbon fiber) are lighter – which is beneficial for difficult interventions but checking period is shorter and their price if heavier…


Compressed air cylinder autonomy


In order to calculate a compressed air cylinder autonomy or to know  inspection or requalification periodicity, please go to "Air supplying respirator", section "

SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) accessories


SCBA storage cabinet


Storage cabinet for complete SCBA. Protects self-conatined breathing apparatus from dust and potential accidental damages. Usually placed in strategic locations to ease emergency interventions...


Carrying case for SCBA


Rugged and lightweight carrying case made of PVC to carry a complete SCBA. Particularly well-suited to carry self-contained breathing apparatus from any brand. The SCBA is attached with adjustable straps…


Dispositif d'Alerte du Travailleur Isolé (DATI)


Especially designed to save lives alerting when user is motionless or in distress, the Bodyguard® 1000 emits clear and distinctive signals and alarms in order to ensure fast and efficient detection even in the harshest condictions.


Bodyguard® 1000 operates with a simple push button for easy operation even with gloves.

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