Mercury detector - Mercury vapor Hg

A mercury detector - more precisely a mercury vapor detector - measures the concentrations of this element in the air. Also called quicksilver, mercury (chemical formula Hg - CAS 7439-97-6) is a particularly toxic element to the body that evaporates during industrial processes.

Acute or chronic exposure to mercury vapors (Hg) rapidly attacks the nervous system and causes many health effects: fatigue, fever, memory impairment, tremors, kidney failure, death from encephalitis or pulmonary hemorrhage. They form a very dangerous gas for humans with an extremely low exposure limit value of 0.05 mg / m³.

Our selection of mercury detection equipment includes portable detectors and colorimetric reagent measurement equipment. The X-act 7000 opto-electronic analyzer allows ultra-precise measurements from 0.2 to 1999 µg / m3 and the SafeAir chemical badges can be used to measure the average exposure value to mercury vapors over a working day (TWA, OEL).

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