Gas-Find, find the properties of a gas in 1 click !

Gas-Find is a dynamic web interface allowing the user to know the different hazards of a gas or of a volatile compound : toxicity, explosiveness or anoxia hazards and the main notions to know in the field of security such as :

  • TWA (Time Weighted Everage)
  •  STEL  (Short Term Exposure Limit)
  • LEL (Lower Explosive Limit)
  • UEL (Upper Explosive Limit)
  • Its physical properties (chemical formula, density, conversion, IP power…)
  • The CAS (international identification)
  • Or the EINEICS number (European identification).

In addition to the gas features, the database will show the different gas detection equipments (fixed or portable gas detectors) and the respiratory protection in order to prevent it..