Purelite Xstream P3 ventilated helmet ALL-IN-ONE

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With no cables, hoses or belt attachments, the Purelite Xstream is an ALL-IN-ONE ventilated helmet that features the motor and filter directly in a protective cover. It's lightweight and very comfortable to wear, even for long-duration operations. It offers an ideal freedom of movement, particularly useful in tight spaces, eliminating any risk of snagging.

This innovative and economical powered air purifying respirator is particularly popular in a wide range of applications such as carpentry, pottery, building maintenance or the adjustment of insulation materials, livestock farming, agriculture or pest control. 

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Purelite Xstream
Purelite Xstream
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The Purelite Xstream ventilated helmet is quick and easy to put on and take off. It is a convenient and comfortable ALL-IN-ONE filtering respiratory protection solution that can be easily combined with other personal protective equipments such as protective clothing or safety harnesses.

Equipped with a P3 particle filter against dust and aerosols it offers an Assigned Protection Factor (APF) of 20 with a TH2P classification and an autonomy of 8 hours non-stop. The low noise level generated by its motor guarantees a real comfort of use while ensuring an initial air flow of 210 l/m (minimum 150 l/m at the end of battery charge).

The advantages of the Purelite Xstream ventilated helmet:

  • ALL-IN-ONE ventilated helmet with P3 filter against solid particles and aerosols
  • Motor, battery and filter integrated in a protective helmet shell for optimal freedom of movement without risk of snagging
  • Air flow rate of 210 l/min, one of the highest on the market (150 l/m at full battery charge)
  • P3 filter, TH2P protection against fine dust and aerosols with an assigned protection factor of 20
  • Minimum airflow, saturated filter (clogging) and low battery alarms
  • The helmet harness is easily adjustable with a precise tightening knob
  • Can be used safely with a beard, glasses and/or hearing protection
  • Easy to use power switch, even when wearing gloves
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

The technical characteristics of the P3 Purelite Xstream ventilated helmet:

  • Type: All-in-one ventilated helmet with motor, battery and filter integrated in a protective cover
  • Head sizes: 54 -61cm
  • Regulated airflow: 210 l/min
  • Filter: P3 TH2P classification system
  • Assigned protection factor (APF): 20
  • Materials:
    - Helmet: Polyethylene
    - Visor: Polycarbonate
  • Battery:
    - Battery capacity: 8 hours
    - Charging time: 14 hours (100% discharged)
  • Certifications: 
    - Respiratory protection: EN 12941:1998+A2:2008 TH2P
    - Eye/face protection: EN 166:2002 1B3
    - Protection class: IP54
  • Weight: < 0.988 kg without battery (1.183 kg with battery)
  • Operating range:
    - Temperature: -5 to +40°C (not tested above and below)
    - Humidity: 0 to 90% RH (non-condensing) for storage and use
  • Accessories: Visor coatings, hearing protections
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