High autonomy self-rescuer mask - EBA 6.5

EBA 6.5
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The EBA 6.5 is a compressed oxygen self-contained self-rescuer providing over 90 minutes of breathing air autonomy and up to 8 hours of autonomy at rest. A performance that goes beyond the requirements of the MSHA and NIOSH standards.

It is particularly suitable for emergency evacuations in mines, caving, speleology construction and operation of tunnels or on industrial sites. Detailed description


EBA 6.5 self-contained self-rescuer with high autonomy

The EBA 6.5 is a highly reliable self-contained self-rescuer breathing apparatus tested in life-threatening situations throughout the world. It supplies over 90 minutes of oxygen during a typical mine escape — up to 8 hours of oxygen at rest — a performance that exceeds all MSHA and NIOSH standards. 


Oxygen from the breathing bag is inhaled through the inhalation tube and the mouthpiece. Breathed air is exhaled through the mouthpiece into the CO2 scrubber.Oxygen delivery ranges from 1.5 l/min constant flow up to 100 l/min demand flow.


The oxygen content indicated on the SCSR gauge is always visible for inspection through the clear, tamper-proof sealed case.

EBA 6.5 high autonomy self-rescuer mask features

  • Hight autonomy: over 90 minutes oxygen in demand mode; up to eight hours in conservation mode.
  • Quick to don: can be put on and be fully operational in 15 seconds or less.
  • Easy to operate: turning on the valve activates the system; turning it off allows oxygen conservation.
  • Lightweight: donned weight 8.0 lbs (4.17 kg). With composite cylinder only 7.0 lbs (3.17 kg).
  • Compact: at 8.5" x 11.8" x 4.5"(21.6 cm x 30 cm x 11.4 cm), it stores easily and is easy to retrieve.
  • Easy to inspect: simple visual inspection confirms that the unit is ready to use.

EBA 6.5 self-rescuer technical specifications

  • Performance duration: > 90 minutes
  • Rest duration: 8 hours
  • Time to don and activate: 15 seconds or less
  • Total weight:
    - 4.17 kg aluminium cylinder
    - 3.72 kg composite cylinder
  • Dimensions : 21.6 cm x 30 cm x 11.4 cm
  • Storage temperature range: -12 to 60 °C
  • NIOSH service life: 15 years
  • Liters of oxygen available: 157
  • Oxygen delivery system:
    - Compressed oxygen – on/off valve
    - Constant flow / demand regulated
    - Cylinder pressure: 3000 psi (207 bars)
  • CO2 scrubbing material: Lithium hydroxide
  • Inspection: visual

Certifications details: 

  • MSHA/NIOSH : TC-13F-104 = 60 minutes
  • Republic of South Africa (applicable standard) : AZ 2009/ 02 SANS 53794: 2007 = 90 minutes
  • Australia (applicable standard) : SMKH21694 AS/NZS 1716:2003 = 90 minutes
  • European Community : CE 0194/EN 13794:2002 = 90 minutes


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