Sulfuric acid detector - H2SO4 gas

Sulfuric acid detectors or H2SO4 gas detectors have different monitoring technologies (optical analysis or electrochemical gas sensors) to measure the presence of this gas and to alert in case of danger. H2SO4 gas - CAS 7664-93-9 - is one of the most widely used industrial chemical compounds in the world. It is found in various industries (oil&gas, explosives, fertilizers, metal processing, steel, chemicals, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, ect) as a production input, as an alkylating, a dehydrating, sulfonating or acidifying agent. In addition, fossil fuels combustion and volcanoes produce elements that, when exposed to moisture, generate sulfuric acid fog (one of the components of smog).

H2SO4 gas is corrosive and toxic. Depending on duration and concentrations level, exposure to sulfuric acid vapors, gas and mists is dangerous for health. It can cause burns, irritations of the respiratory and digestive system, bronchial irritation, pulmonary edema, or dental erosion. H2SO4 gas is not flammable but, in contact with other elements (metals, water, combustible gas) can generate strong heat, generate hydrogen or trigger fire. Discover our selection of sulfuric acid vapor detectors to monitor the concentration of this gas.

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