PureFlo 3000-H air-purifying respirator (Pharmaceutical)

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The PureFlo 3000-H is an ALL-IN-ONE air-purifying respirator with a motor unit and dust filter integrated into a hood covering the head, neck, and shoulders. With no hoses or belt attachments, the PureFlo 3000-H offers users unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement.

This respirator hood uses the principle of positive pressure on the environment to prevent contaminated air from entering the respiratory tract. It protects and is ideal for medical and pharmaceutical applocations and pharmaceutical applications against fine particles, aerosols, viruses, and bacteria. Detailed description

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The PureFlo 3000-H air-purifying respirator

The PureFlow 3000-H air purifying respirator features a HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) that guarantees an Assigned Protection Factor (APF) of 40. A warning device ensures complete safety during all use: airflow, clogging and low battery alarm.

The PureFlo 3000-H air purifying respirator is an innovative solution recommended for work involving the release of solid or liquid particles in the air, such as in pharmaceutical laboratories, hospitals, and even the food industry. It is delivered with two rechargeable batteries, each with a 4-hour autonomy and interchangeable in a few seconds only.

PureFlo 3000-H air-purifying respirator assets

  • Innovative ALL-IN-ONE respiratory protection with HEPA filter against solid particles, aerosols, viruses, and bacteria
  • Motor, battery, and filter integrated into a lightweight hood for freedom of movement without risk of snagging
  • Hood made of high-strengh non-woven polypropylene against infectious agents (blood and other fluids) up to 20kPa
  • Comfortable fit for extended use with a fully adjustable head harness
  • Low flow, saturated filter (clogging), and low battery alarms
  • Safe to use with a beard and / or eyeglasses

PureFlo 3000-H air-purifying respirator technical specifications

  • Type: ALL-IN-ONE PAPR welding and grinding helmet with integrated motor, battery, and filter
  • Head sizes: 53 to 63 cm
  • Regulated airflow: 170 / 220 l/min
  • Filter: HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air)
  • Tiny particles and aerosols (efficiency > 99.98% of particles 0.3μm at 170 l/min)
  • Assignated protection factor: FPA = 40 / FPN = 500
  • Battery: Capacity = 4 hours / Charging = 2 hours
  •  Weight: 1.1 kg

PureFlo 3000-H hood performance tests

  • Materials: Polyethylene membrane laminated to a spun-bonded melt-blown non-woven polypropylene composite
  • Physical resistance test (EN 14325: 2004):
    - Tear resistance EN ISO 9073-4: 85.5 N / class 4
    - Tensile strenght ISO 13934-1 (MD): 140.0 N / class 3
    - Puncture resistance EN 863: 11.0 N / class 2
    - Resistance to water penetration BS EN 20811: > 22 kPa
    - Bursting resistance ISO 13938-1: 61,6 kPa / Classe 1
    - Blocking resistance EN 25978: No blocking
  • Chemical permeability (EN 374-3 : 2003 / 1,0 μg/cm2/min):
  • -  98 % sulfuric acid: > 480 min / class 6
    -  48 % sodium hydroxide: > 480 min / class 6
  • Protective barrier against infectious agents (EN 14126: 2003):
    - Resistance to penetration by blood/pressure fluids ISO 16603: Passes up to 20kPa / class 6
    - Resistance to penetration by blood-borne pathogens ISO 16604: Passes up to 20kPa / class 6
    - Resistance to biologically contaminated aerosols ISO/DIS 22611: Log 10 CFU > 5 with no penetration / class 3
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