Breathing air trolley for air supply RC2603

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Capable of transporting two compressed air cylinders with a capacity of 6 to 9 liters at 200 to 300 bars, the RC 2603 breathing air trolley is suitable for any operator who needs to wear an air supply mask while being free of his movements. It is particularly adapted to work in contaminated areas, oxygen deficient areas or when the cylinder on the shoulders of the operators limits the access or the movements.

It provides breathing air to one or two operators thanks to a high performance pneumatic system. It is composed of a frame with two rubber wheels on which stand the two compressed air cylinders, the hose reel and the trigger system. Up to two hoses can be connected to the trolley, one on the hose reel and the other directly connected to the quick coupling on the regulator. Detailed description

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The autonomy of breathing air trollies varies according to the number of cylinders installed and their dimensions. In addition, these devices are equipped with a non-return valve to facilitate cylinder replacement. A warning whistle alerts operators in case of a drop in pressure so that they can proceed to a cylinder replacement or evacuation of the area.

RC 2603 breathing air trolley assets

  • Compatible with cylinders of 6 to 9 liters capacity under 200 or 300 bars
  • Includes a 50 meter hose reel
  • Facilitates the user's movements, ideal for long term use (cleaning of tanks or reservoirs)
  • Almost no weight for the user and easy to transport thanks to the wheels installed on the cart

Technical specifications of the RC2603 breathing air trolley

  • Function: Breathing air unit for air supply
  • Operating conditions:
    - Temperature: Between -20°C and 50°C
    - Humidity: HR <80%
  • Weight: 50kg (complete unit with loaded cylinders, without hoses, masks and valves on request)
  • Dimensions (trolley): 50cm x 51cm x 116cm
  • Supply hose:
    - Diameter: 8x17"
    - Lenght: Maximum 50 meters (several lenghts available)
  • Autonomy: 110 minutes for an average consumption of 30L/min (for 1 user with 2 bottles of 6 liters 300 bars)
  • Classification:
    - Certified EN 14593-1 :2005
    - Complies with PPE 2016/425/EU AND PED 2014/68/U
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Manufacturer Spasciani

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